"The Wheel Illustration" Series Round-up

For the last six months we've been blogging our way through the topics of The Wheel Illustration. It has been a joy and a blessing to explore each of these powerful pieces of our faith with you. I hope that it has not only reminded you of these foundations, but also encouraged you in your current season of life. I pray it has helped you realize or remember the valuable contribution you make as a mom, whether you are primarily ministering in your home, actively involved on campus, or somewhere in between.
~ Courtney

The Wheel Illustration:
A Different Time - By Jess Dager
Christ the Center:
Christ the Center - By Beth Luebe

The Gift of Christ the Center - By Linnette Bachman
The Word:
The Word - By Beth Luebe

The Word: Staying Nourished in the Mommy Years - By Sherry Graf

Our Kids & The Word - By The Writing Team
Praying Bigger for Our Kids - By Linnette Bachman

I Know Less Now: Lessons from Lorne Sanny on Prayer - By Jess Dager

Mommy Missionaries as Prayer Warriors - By Joy Maschhoff
Helping our Kids Become Best Friends in Christ - By Linnette Bachman

Fellowship - By Beth Luebe
Spurring on Evangelism - By Jess Dager

Courage in Evangelism in Every Season - By Linnette Bachman

Fostering a Love for the Lord in Our Kids - By Beth Luebe
The Obedient Christian in Action:
Obedience - By Beth Luebe


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