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On Monday Dana shared with us how she and Tom passed on their faith to their children. Daily modeling is certainly the foundation as Dana encourages. I find that incredibly freeing myself - knowing that time I spend in ministry to others might help my kids grow in their own faith. What better place to do this then in our own living room with a gal or a whole crowd of students!  How have you seen this play out in your life and ministry? What stood out to you from what Dana wrote? Or just share your thoughts on this topic in general! 


  1. On one hand, this is really relieving "whew!" since we are not currently a "sit down every morning for family devotions" family. On the other hand, it is humbling and sobering to think that what my kids see in me each day (imperfect!!) is having such an impact on their faith and foundation.
    Sometimes I think that my kids are learning moralism (doing the right thing) more than they are learning to have a relationship with God. My kids are young, so I am hoping this is just a season and will change and grow with time. I am curious, Dana and others, how have you emphasized relationship with God over just good behavior? It seems like the little years are so much "obey mommy," and "don't do that!"

  2. I hear you speaking to two ideas, Linnette. The first underscores the idea in the post that our kids are more likely to catch our model and not just listen to our words. By the way, I am not saying that we should not have family devotions (it's just that we were not good at that!)...but, certainly, it is our daily words and behavior that will match those devotions and lend power to them. There is an adage, "do as I say, not as I do." This adage is a complete misdirect! Our kids are the first to see the discrepancy between our words and behavior. So, bottom line our model is vital! I have great confidence that our children are also capable of perceiving not only what we do but why we do it! They see our faces, our hearts, our hands when we know we have failed or disobeyed God. They recognize our repentant spirit!

    Secondly, the strength to obey God as we grow up starts with the will to obey mommy and daddy! Stressing obedience as we love and lead our children will reinforce their need to follow Christ closely as they learn to obey Him when they are grown up. Proverbs 22:6 teaches us to raise up a child in the way they should go and when they are old they will not depart from it. So when we reinforce doing the right thing, i.e.obeying mommy, we cultivate a foundation of sincerity and love for Christ as they obey Him. I love John 14:21 for this reason. Jesus says, "She who has my commands and keeps them...she it is who loves me.And she who loves me will be loved by my Father and I too will love her and show myself to her." Loving Christ is found out as we obey Him. As we obey Him our love is made evident to Him. In return He promises a closer relationship to Him. This is true for us and our children as well. So teaching them to "obey mommy" in essence is setting them up for their relationship with God later.

    Well, Linette, in responding to your comments i feel i have written yet another blog post!!! I so appreciate your sincere heart for God and your family!!! Parenting is not easy...indeed it is a central portion of "walking by faith!" Warmly, Dana

  3. This is so encouraging and convicting at the same time, it's so great!
    I'm totally pondering how the quiet choice to obey God is so huge in motherhood. Yes, I absolutely want to obey God in the small things, but I'm realizing motherhood is a call to obey in the smallest of small things that can be considered "justfiable". I immediately thought of how my body language and facial expressions were perceived by my kids as I had a phone conversation with an insurance agent this week. Because, ya'll know if there is ever a time the kids are watching, it's when you're on the phone! That was such an opportunity. And that happens a million times a day, these opportunities to obey in the smallest details of life!

    Thanks, Dana, for your words that push us to grow in this season when it can feel like we are just kinda stuck not growing.

    1. Katie,
      I love that you are "pondering" the "quiet choice to obey God." That summarizes so much for all of us as moms across the seasons of our lives. And, I love that you "absolutely want to obey God in the smallest of small things!" May we all heed your wise words as we walk with Him!
      Thanks for sharing, Dana


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