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He is Greater than Our Hearts

By: Linnette Bachman

“I can’t say I forgive her if that’s not truly how I feel.”
“I can’t pray authentically if I don’t feel close to God.”
“I have to be true to myself.”

Being authentic seems to be the highest value of many of my student friends. Clearly communicating the depths of how they truly feel is of utmost importance. It trumps all else. Being that Southern culture lends to being polite to someone’s face and then vicious behind a person’s back, speaking authentically is counter-cultural. I appreciate authenticity.

I think the Lord appreciates it, too. We see over and over again in the Scriptures that the Lord does not desire a sacrifice if our heart is not in it (Psalm 40, Hosea 6, Matthew 9 & 12, Hebrews 10). He wants our authentic worship, not simply an outward going through the motions.

I think there’s great value in becoming aware of our inner worlds and being able to name what we are feeling. Dave and I often ask each other at the end of a day, What are two emotions…

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